Solar Off-Grid Rooftop @ Yadgiri, KA

CustomerMrs. Mallamma Kasbag

Services4KW Solar Power System Designing & Installation

Commissioning Date22.10.2019

4KW Off-Grid Solar Power System was installed at Mrs. Mallamma Kasbagh Residence at Yadgir City, Karnataka.

System Details

12 Solar PV Modules of 330Wp were used along with 200AH 12V Exide C-10 Batteries (6 Nos) to power a house of 4 bedrooms. As per client’s request, an elevated structure of 7 feet was fabricated and installed. This led to the full utilisation of the flat rooftop terrace. 

Custom designed Simlife’s SKAN – 3000 System was used as inverter to charge the batteries and power the entire house. The smart inverter helps to minimise the power consumption from the utility grid and maximise the power usage from the panels.

A MS structure to place the Batteries and Inverter was fabricated and resourced locally. The entire PCU along with Batteries is kept at close distance of 20feet from the solar panel array to minimise the DC current losses.

High qulaity breaker circuits for DC and AC side of the PCU were installed for protection. Further, the overall protection is extended by adding AC, DC isolated earthing circuits and a dedicated lightning arrester.