On Grid Rooftop (Commercial) @ Kundapura, KA

CustomerMr. Prashant K.

Services10KW On-Grid Solar Power System Designing & Installation

Commissioning Date15.12.2019

10KW On-Grid Solar Power System was installed at Mr. Prashant’s Commercial Complex at Kundapura, Karnataka.

System Details

The design consisted of 32 330Wp panels along with Growatt 3 phase grid connected Inverter. Along with that all the  

32 Solar PV Modules of 330Wp were used to connect to a 3 phase grid-tie inverter from GrowWatt. A dedicated team of professional executed the installation under supervision an experienced project manger, Pavan TR.

High quality breaker circuits for DC and AC side of the PCU were installed for protection. Further, the overall protection is extended by adding AC, DC isolated earthing circuits and a dedicated lightning arrester.