3KW ON Grid Solar System

Grid Connected System

Saurally solar introduces a 3 kW grid connected solar power generating system using the world’s latest technology in solar panels called Solar MONO PERC Module.

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A 3 kW solar system generates 15 units every day from morning 9 am to 5 pm which is sufficient to run multiple house appliences along with lighting load for a house, shops and offices.

Solar Panel HHV/Waaree 440W Monocrystalline Module
Space required 200 sq. ft.
1 Panel dimension Length – 6.9 feet, width – 3.9 feet
1 panel weight 25 kg
Total panels 6 Nos. (440 watt each)


Package components


  • 6 Nos. of HHV/Waaree 440W solar module
  • Solar panel stand (rust free – made of galvanized iron/Aluminium), Fasteners
  • Connecting Cables, MCB
  • Standard Installation Included, Civil work excluded

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