Solar Rooftop Power System

Run AC, Fridge, Washing Machine on solar!

Using Saurally Off-Grid and On-Grid systems, you can operate all your home appliances on solar, including AC, Fridge, Washing Machine etc.

No more hefty electricity bills during hot summer.

1kw installed = 150+ trees planted

One of the best ways to solve energy problems in our country is rooftop solar panel installation. Often our terrace is unused or partially used. Having rooftop solar panels will let you be energy independent and thus using less or no unclean energy from the grid. 

You don’t have to be worried about the ever increasing electricity tariffs, because none can impose tariffs on Sun’s Energy!

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Let us make your energy bill ZERO with Saurally Rooftop System!

Our systems engineers will design your rooftop power system in such a way that your complete energy bill will be minimal if not zero. If you’re a resident of a certain metro cities, you can also generate excess amount of energy and sell it to the grid thus making money from your empty unused roof.

Rooftop solar is one of the smartest way to utilise your unused terrace area to the fullest. Elevated structure on the flat rooftop provides shade in burning hot summers and thus giving you more usable real-estate. The partially shaded are can also be used to develop a beautiful rooftop garden. The possibilities are endless!

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