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A young team

We are a group of people who have a strong belief in creating a sustainable future. With the world changing so ever fast, it is imperative that we also adapt accordingly. We are beginning our journey from grassroots of this beautiful country which is often ignored and under appreciated. We hope to learn and grow as we go along like our ever growing belief in creating a sustainable India.

Saurally is our first brand into renewable energy sector dealing with solar energy. Although we believe solar is most abundant form of clean, renewable energy, there are many other sources of such energy. Down the line we wish to create efficient, affordable products in other sectors of renewable energy such as wind, hydro and geothermal energy. There is a starting point for everyone of us who wants to make a difference to this planet. Creating Saurally was our starting point.

Saurally - The Name

SAURA, in Sanskrit mean “Surya“, “Sun” or “Solar“. ALLY is an English word that losely translates to “Friend“. Saurally is the amalgamation on Sura and Ally in the context of sun being our friend.

About Us

Research & Development

R&D work is often done to improve our lives on this planet. Although there are many companies researching on renewable energy, most of them fail to address the current issues faced in our country. Companies want to bring IoT, Machine Learning and AI into solar energy. Which is really good. But a common middle class Indian family is more interested in having consistent, clean energy at an affordable cost. That is what Saurally does. We want to make solar energy as affordable as possible without compromising efficiency or performance.

About Us

From FabLab Berlin to Bengaluru

Owing to the fact that Saurally manufactures everything in house, we have a strong research and development team. All the products are designed and developed in house. The development of our products started at FabLab Berlin in July 2016. From there we have come a long way into understanding of the requirements of Indian market/customers. What we have designed and produced so far are closely related to the regional market.

Our Mission

Clean, Safe, Renewable Energy

Clean Energy

Renewable Energy

Infinite Source

Long Battary Backup

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What defines us

Mission Vision and Values

Sustainable and affordable clean energy solutions in an equitable, inclusive and innovative way. Products of highest quality and precision adapted to the local needs with the state of the art technology. Our Research and Development team is focused on delivering the best technology with an emphasis on continuous improvement. We are starting with solar products and down the line we look to diversify and harness the potential of other forms of non conventional and renewable energy.

Our mission is to continue to help expand the global solar energy industry to make solar power a clean, reliable and reachable energy source for everyone in the world.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our starting step is from Yadgir, a beautiful yet under appreciated part of Karnataka, India where people have large hearts and live in solidarity. From here our vision is to become a global leader in manufacturing & providing high quality and cost effective complete solar power systems and solutions that will facilitate clean, reliable and grid-competitive electric power around the world. Along with our motto “A Renewable India, Made in India” we would focussing on generating local employment and skilling.

Guided by the ideals of one of the greatest thinkers and reformers of India, Lord Basavanna, we are committed to honesty and bound to highest standards of professional ethics. While dealing with our customers we are always upfront and transparent regarding the entire process and pricing. We based on delivering the best quality products along with that highest quality of post installation service. We treat our clients like our family and emphasis is on building relationships rather than greedy profiteering.

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